Case Management

Focus on your inspections and let GOEnforce do the rest of the work by managing all aspects of your code enforcement cases.

GOEnforce increases the productivity of your code enforcement team tenfold by streamlining the process of tracking case information, violations, inspection notes, attachments, sending letters, issuing citations, receiving payments, planning your routes with maps and so much more.  Don't go another day without GOEnforce!

Property & Owner Lookup

Start saving time today - GOEnforce will ease case creation by instantly validating property address and looking up any associated information such as parcel numbers (APN), districts, zones, owner addresses, property alerts, permits, real estate transfers and any other information available.


Property Alerts & History

Don't get caught off guard - officers can track property alerts on their cases for potentially dangerous situations at the property.  Also when creating a case all previous case history and alerts are instantly displayed.


Ever go out for a routine inspection and come back with multiple violations for a single case ... we got this!  GOEnforce will organize all your violations, ordinances and corrective actions in one place.  Officers can easily search and add as many violations to a single case and each violation can have its own due date and status.

Field Ready

Many of our agencies take full advantage of the all the features in our web based software while out in the field.  Citations and letters can be queued up and mailed back at the office or even printed right in your vehicle.

Letters & Citations

Spend less time printing & mailing and more time inspecting.  We macked out our letter generating engine with customizable templates and a streamlined process for merging the case information, violations, corrective actions, inspection dates, fees and so much more.  This once tedious process is now automated and allows field and office to work in harmony with batch printing.


Fees & Payments

Money, money, money!  As letters and citations are issued, fees are added to the cases and tracked along with any payments you may have received.  This allows you to easily report on any outstanding balances and how much you have collected over any date range or case type.

Should you happen to work with a third-party collection provider (like DataTicket) we offer integrations to automatically transmit fee data for collection.

Automated Inspection Programs

GOEnforce has a number of automated programs that make recurring inspections, notices and fee collection simple.  Here are a few common examples, but the possibilities are limitless:

Rental Inspections, Business License, Fire Inspections, Weed Abatement, Health Inspections, Pool Inspections, Apartment & Building Inspections.


Give officers a full 360° view of all the information they need to work a case from start to finish.  GIS integrations can automatically pull any parcel or location data stored such as owner addresses, APN numbers, districts, garbage days, zoning, waterways, external jurisdictions and more.  Other integrations can pull or push information related to permits, real estate transactions, fees & payments, etc.

Our CRM integration is seamless and will automatically copy the complaint, location, contacts and attachments from the requests and can keep them in sync so complainants are kept updated.  When multiple complaints are received for the same issue they can be linked to single code enforcement case.


Give a visual representation to your caseload to more efficient manage your time.  Our map views allow officers to plan their day by going to areas where clusters of cases exist and see other cases that may be along the way or nearby.  Easily get directions and view case information by clicking on a pin marker.


Case History & Audit Trail

All actions taken on a case are logged with date, time and user.  This makes it easy for multiple officers and staff to collaborate on cases without loosing track of changes.  All cases include an audit trail that details before and after values.


The powerful reporting tool gives all staff and managers unparalleled insights into officer performance, backlogs, reinspection reports and violations.