Code enforcement is increasingly a major issue for local government as more homes are converted to rental properties and financially-stressed residents cease maintaining their homes. At the same time, nearby residents are demanding stepped-up enforcement to help preserve their neighborhoods and bolster property values. While enforcement demand is increasing, local governments are often struggling with their own budgets and are unable to commit additional staff resources. Your code enforcement staff needs tools to be more productive – hand-written notes and bulging file folders are simply no longer sufficient.

GOEnforce Dramatically Improves Code Enforcement

GOEnforce dramatically transforms the code enforcement process by automating tedious tasks and giving staff the tools they need to be more productive and effective. Some agencies are able to improve case volumes by as much as 100% without adding new staff!

GOEnforce is a hosted web-based solution used to centrally manage code enforcement efforts. The centralized processing of all cases offers tremendous benefits:

  • Officers can handle more cases
  • Important deadlines are never missed
  • Officers can collaborate on the resolution of cases
  • Managers know how productive officers are
  • Each step of every case is clearly documented and archived
  • All case-related information is available virtually anywhere, including vehicle computers, via wireless technology