Your residents are increasingly demanding instant answers to their questions and more accountability of their elected officials and local government staff. Whether their issue involves a pothole in their street, a barking dog in their neighborhood, or graffiti in their nearby park, they want to know when things will be done or why they cannot be addressed.

While residents are frustrated “not knowing,” staff are frustrated by the time required to update residents, by the time wasted tracking down answers, and by the sudden realization that two or three other groups are working on the same problem.

Although a great website and streaming meetings provide greater access to information and foster community involvement, they provide only one-way communication and lack personalized interaction that your residents want.

GORequest Dramatically Improves Customer Service

GORequest dramatically transforms customer service by giving residents 24/7 access to government services while providing staff the tools they need to manage the resolution process and provide automatic updates. Most agencies report resident satisfaction rates greater than 90% while saving at least one full-time equivalent.

GORequest is a hosted web-based Citizen Relationship Management (CRM) software system that lets residents submit questions or requests for service directly via your website and lets employees directly enter requests received by phone, email, or in-person.

Centralized processing of all requests offers tremendous benefits:

  • Residents get an immediate response acknowledging their request – and their request will never get lost
  • Residents receive regular updates regarding the progress of their request
  • Supervisors know how productive their crews are
  • Managers know how often pre-set service levels are being met
  • Officials have a better understanding of the community’s needs and priorities